Gum Disease

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What is a Periodontist?

We focus on the prevention and treatment of diseases that revolve around the tissues below and around your teeth. 

When do you need a Periodontist?

Periodontal treatment is essential for individuals with complicated gum problems. ie: gum disease, gum recessions or need dental implants.

Services Provided by a Periodontist:

Diagnosis, Treatment & Prevention of Gum Disease, place Dental Implants, Treat Gum Disease or Recessions, and preform Bone Grafts.

Example of Different Stages of Gum Disease

Pain is rarely present, so like high blood pressure, you may have periodontal disease and not even know it. It is very difficult for people to diagnose by themselves. See the image below with examples of the different stages of the disease:

It’s not “Just Gum” – Learn more about How to Manage Gum Disease:  Click Here

Meet Dr. Randy Neichen


Over 30 Years of Experience

As a periodontist, Dr. Neichen’s primary focus, is the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of gum disease as well as cosmetic procedures for people who want to improve their smiles. He’s trained in all of the newest tooth-saving techniques such as gentle laser treatment, bone grafting and Gore-Tex. If you have advanced gum disease or receding gums that you feel are unattractive, you can’t find better care than from Dr. Neichin.


Article by Dr. Jerry Simon: Lifestyle and Disease, by Dr. Jerry Simon, clinical director of Dental Care of Stamford

Related Research That Proves links between gum inflammation and heart attacks and strokes

Dr. Mario Clerici Study on Periodontal and
Heart Disease

December 12th, 2008

By taking good care of your teeth and gums, … you can also reduce your risk of developing cardiovascular disease … since periodontitis is highly prevalentbut easily preventable and treatable … better oral health could greatly contribute to the prevention of atherosclerosis in the population … this is the first physical evidence that you can reverse a lesion that is already growing in the intima by doing something as simple as taking care of your gums
Diabetes and Periodontal Disease:
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan study

December 1st, 2008

Treating gum disease linked to lower medical costs for patients with diabetes … medical care costs decreased by an average of 11 percent per month … combined medical and pharmaceutical monthly costs were 10 percent lower … findings could fuel changes in policies and practices for diabetes patients and their insurers.

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